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For the past twenty years, Female Agents, Inc. has been building its reputation as one of the most professional and effective investigative agencies in the state. Whether it is a domestic case, criminal investigation, missing persons, or corporate case, our licensed and insured investigators have the skills, experience, and equipment to get the job completed professionally and discreetly.

Female Agents, Inc. employs both female and male experienced investigators who are trained and licensed. All cases are handled with the utmost integrity, accuracy, confidentiality, and empathy.

Kimberly Hamilton, Owner, CEO, PI, CCDI, Author

Kimberly Hamilton is the owner of Female Agents, Inc. and Truth Stalkers. She is a licensed NC Private Investigator, Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI), Certified Human Trafficking Investigator (CHTI), and former police officer. She specializes in private investigations, criminal cases, and service of process in North Carolina. She sits on several Boards of Directors and is the author of Missions & Mayhem, the Adventures of a Female Private Investigator Available on Amazon. Ms. Hamilton teaches numerous professional and investigative courses.


The following courses are approved for 4 hours of NCPPS Continuing Education Hours
  • Dark Web Investigations- Acquire knowledge of the dark web, it's users, terminology, and how the dark web can be beneficial to investigators
  • Human Trafficking- Explores the education, detection, and prevention of human trafficking cases in NC
  • Service of Process- Learn the proper procedure for serving both NC and out-of-state documents and acquire valuable resources to assist with clients, courts, and subjects
  • Body Language- Develop confidence and skill in both verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Ethics and Professional Development- Examines the role and purpose of ethics in a professional environment
  • Private Investigator Supplemental Training- 8 hour course that offers new PI's or PIA's an opportunity for parallel or supplemental education with an experienced Private Investigator


  • The Dark Web Explained- Learn what the Dark Web is really about and explore both the good and bad of this mysterious part of the internet
  • Human Trafficking in your Community- Awareness and Education on Human Trafficking in NC
  • The Importance of Body Language- Communication plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Learn what your body language is telling others and what theirs is really telling you.
  • Becoming a Private Investigator in NC- Gain knowledge on how to become a PI in NC and ways to jumpstart your career.
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